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Welcome to Year 5



Miss Freedman(CLASS TEACHER):



The class name chosen by Year 5 is Rashford. Marcus Rashford was chosen because of the determination he has shown when seeking and giving support to disadvantaged people, particularly children.

Marcus was one of five children brought up by a single parent. He says that life was often difficult and, even though his mother worked, the family often relied on charities to keep them fed. He says that his mother made many sacrifices to give her children a chance to succeed.

Marcus was fortunate that his footballing talent was recognised at an early age as he was able to join the Manchester United Academy a year earlier than normal.

Marcus has never forgotten the struggles his mother had and, when he was able, he used his fame and success to highlight the plight of the many homeless and poor families. He partnered with the Fare Share charity to collect and distribute food parcels. He also wrote a letter that persuaded the government to continue giving free children’s meals, during lockdown and the school holidays. We are sure that he will continue to fight for his causes.


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