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 Welcome to Year 4 - Wiltshire Class






Our class name has been chosen this year by the children in year 4. They have chosen to name themselves after Stephen Wiltshire - an artist with an extraordinary memory who can paint detailed landscapes from memory.

He has travelled all over the world to draw landscapes and cityscapes and his work has become popular. Stephen embodies many of the values we hold at Downsview. In his childhood, Stephen found talking difficult and it was later found out he was autistic. He was mute until he was nine years old and consequently found making friends challenging. However, he loved drawing and would communicate through his art. In addition, it was discovered he had a fantastic memory and would often draw different places he had seen from memory. By the time Stephen was in secondary school, through his art being featured on a BBC program, Stephen had become famous.

He now gets invited all over the world to draw different cities and landscapes. This includes Hong Kong where he drew harbour city, America, where he drew New York and of course London where he has drawn multiple buildings and skylines. He has also been awarded an MBE for his contribution to art.

He was chosen by our class because, although he found communicating with others difficult, he did not let that stop him from following his passion of art. Through this determination to succeed he embodied our Downsview values of self-belief and excellence. In fact, he even has a motto, “Do the best you can and never give up.”

Please find the 'Meet the Teacher' presentation below:

Meet the Teacher - Year 3 & 4 2021

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Year 4 Curriculum Map - Term 2/ Autumn 2

Year 4 Curriculum Map - Term 3/ Spring 1

Year 4 Curriculum Map - Term 4/ Spring 2

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