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Welcome to Cherry Class 

Year 2 will be an exciting year! We an assure you that the topics covered this year will be fun, engaging and memorable.

Have a look at our long term plan below to find out about what your child will be learning this year:


To find our what year 2 will be covering in Mathematics over the year, please look at the plan below:


To find out what year 2 will be covering in English over the year, please look at the plan below:


Please check this page regularly to keep up with what's been happening in Cherry Class. If you need to speak to me regarding your child, please come and find me on the playground at home-time or contact the school office to arrange a meeting :)

Thank you - Miss Selmi and Mrs Hart

Our Learning

Term 2 - Great Fire of London

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a wonderful half term :)

This term, children will be having so much fun learning about the Great Fire of London.

Have a look at our mind map of learning, medium term plan and newsletter below.

As always, if you have any questions in relation to your child's learning, please feel free to speak to either myself or Mrs Hart.

Miss Selmi

Medium Term Plan:


Termly Newsletter:


A copy of the newsletter above will be sent home with your child on Friday 2nd November.

Home Learning - 05/10/2018

Your child should have received a place value Mathematics booklet. This is to be completed by the end of this term (Friday 19th October). If you require any assistance with the Home Learning task, please feel free to catch either myself or Mrs Hart at the end of the day, or arrange an appointment to discuss it further.

Thank you for your continued support :)

Miss Selmi

Our first topic this academic year will be 'Our Local Area.'

During the topic, children will be taking a walk around our local area (Swanley) and will use this experience to produce various pieces of writing, as well as mapping out their route.

For more information on what will be covered this term, have a look at the curriculum map below:

For a more detailed curriculum map which shows the national curriculum objectives that will be covered, please have a look at the medium term below:



We will ensure to update the gallery termly, so please check our page regularly for updates.

Miss Selmi, Mrs Hart, Miss Osborn and Mrs Wicks

Year 2 Team

Class Gallery

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