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Welcome to Holly Class - Mrs Morgan

 Firstly, I would like to welcome you to the Year 5 class webpage. Please check this page regularly to keep up with what's been happening in Holly Class. If you need to speak to me regarding your child, please come and find me on the playground at home-time or contact the school office to arrange a meeting. Thank you - Mrs Morgan

Parents' Meeting 

Please click on the link below to view the Powerpoint shared with parents at our Meet the Teacher session:

Meet the Teacher

11+ & Secondary Transfer

Here is the Powerpoint presentation used during the Secondary Transfer meeting:

11+ & Secondary Transfer

Our Learning

To find out what your child is learning in Mathematics, please click on the link below:

Year 5 Mathematics Curriculum

We will be continuing to master our times tables and all help at home is appreciated. Children need to know all times table facts in all times tables from 0 to 12; not just know the answers in sequence.

6x7 = 42

But also:

7x6 = 42

42÷6 = 7



Many thanks

Mrs Morgan.


 January 2017

Happy New Year! 

Thank you for your gifts and Christmas wishes.

Holly Class have come back ready and enthusiastic to continue their learning. We have begun our Term Three topic 'Alchemy Island'. It will take the children on a journey through a magical island to find The Alchemist. They will have to complete writing tasks, science investigations, follow maps and solve problems to help set him free.

Gardening will continue through this term, we already have produce planted but still have many tasks to do. Can you make sure that your child has a warm jumper or fleece in school for when they are gardening.


Alchemy Island homework will come home on Friday January 20th. Choose three tasks to be completed for Monday 20th February.

As well as their Alchemy Island homework the children need to continue practising their spellings, reading and their times tables.

 Thank you

Mrs Morgan

Holly Class News  March 2017

Our growing beds have received a tidy up recently with the help of Ms Hall. As you can see our produce is beginning to grow. We have also begun our ‘Allotment’ topic with Mrs Haynes to fit in with our growing.

Look out next term for offers of help clearing the outside area. We are hoping to have a grand tidy up so that we can show off our new outside classroom.

We have reached the end of our ‘Alchemy Island’ topic. The children have successfully solved the clues of The Alchemist and taken him safely home. They  now need to get off the Island of Amateria and begin our next topic, ‘Scream’.

May 2017

The children have started Term 5 positively. They have taken a ride on the ‘Kinda Ka’ and written some fantastic writing of their experiences.

Gardening continues with Ms Hall and so far they have harvested our parsnips which they will be trying in the next few days. Unfortunately the weather has not been kind and they have lost some of our produce.


A reminder of home learning.

Children in Year 5 need to be practising their times tables and reading at least three times a week.

Each term they are also given homework projects based on the current Cornerstone’s topic. These projects include written and practical tasks for which paper and card is available from school.


Outdoor P.E. takes place on a Wednesday afternoon. At present the class are practising the skills involved in cricket. As the weather hopefully becomes warmer outside kit is needed together with training shoes if children have them. A water bottle for fresh water outside would also be appreciated.

Indoor P.E. is on a Tuesday afternoon. During Term 5 this will be gymnastics. Please make sure your child has their indoor P.E. kit in school. 

June 2017 Term 6

What a fantastic day to begin Term 6 – a trip to Chessington! We shall be sharing some of the children’s writing and pictures in the near future. We would like to congratulate the children on making the day a wonderful experience for everyone taking part. They were a credit to the school.

In Term 6 we are learning about ‘The Black Death’, the plague that hit London in the 14th Century. We will also be practising our drawing skills as we try ‘Still Life’ drawings.

In English, we have a long narrative story to write based upon a short film called ‘The Piano’. In Mathematics, we will be learning about shape, measures and calculations or fractions, decimals and percentages.


During Term 6 homework will concentrate on spellings, multiplication tables and reading.

Spellings: Twenty spellings, taken from the year 5 curriculum, will be given each week, all children will be expected to recognise these words and know their meaning. Children will also be given a set of spellings to learn.

Multiplication tables: Every child will be given a weekly sheet of questions; they need to practise their questions throughout the week to improve their speed and accuracy. They will be tested on the week’s questions during their Friday mathematics lesson.

Reading: Every child is expected to read at home at least three times during the week; they need to keep a record of their reading in their reading journal which should be in school daily.

There will be no homework based on Cornerstones during Term 6.

Thank you for your support with your child’s learning.