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Welcome to Fir Class - Miss Pugh

Please check this page regularly to keep up with what's been happening in Fir Class. If you need to speak to me regarding your child, please come and find me on the playground at home-time or contact the school office to arrange a meeting.

Thank you - Miss Pugh

Our Learning

Term 4

This term, Fir Class will be studying I am Warrior!

We are warriors! We are strong, brave and powerful. Meet us in battle. Draw your sword, wield your axe and challenge us if you dare! Invade and attack, Romans versus the Celts, the fight is on...


During English, children will be writing and performing soliloquies in the style of a Celtic Warrior. Can Year Four tap into their inner Shakespeare? In addition to this, we will devising informative newspaper reports about the dramatic end to the Celtic Queen Boudicca.

Get ready for Gladiator School Fir Class, we will be learning about the famous Spartacus and Spiculus: brave soldiers of the Roman Colosseum. Then, Year Four will be writing their own plays based on these powerful Romans. 

Finally, the children will be tasting the different delights from Roman food and creating their own mouth watering menu. 

In Mathematics, we will be continuing to use the Inspire Scheme. This term's focus will be: place value, addition, subtraction and mental arithmetic. Children will be having weekly times tables test, please ensure that you practice with your child at home. 

 Home Learning Tasks this term will be weekly spellings and times tables. Every Friday, Fir Class will be having a test. Please make sure you practice these with your children at home! 

To find out what your child is learning in Mathematics, please click on the link below:

Year 4 Mathematics Curriculum

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